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My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate

An original Zoom comedy by Nicky Lowney

My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate PROFILE PIC.png

Amanda is an upbeat professional from California preparing to start a new job in Boston. With the guidance of a well-meaning real estate agent (Shirley), she encounters hilarious surprises as she seeks the perfect roommate...virtually. The cast of potential roomies includes a pet enthusiast, a theater afficionado, a shady mobster, and a house full of rowdy gamers. Will Amanda ever find the perfect roommate? Will she learn how to pronounce the names of Massachusetts towns? Will Shirley ever master the mute button?


Making comical use (and misuse!) of video conferencing features, this 12-scene virtual play can be pre-recorded or performed live for audiences of all ages.

My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate is published by Next Stage Press

To apply for licensing or order scripts, please click below! 

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About the playwright

Nicky Lowney


Nicky has always known the value of a good story. She is driven by a mission to engage and connect with audience members through memorable stories.

Nicky wrote her first full-length play, My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate in early 2021 when her local theater group was searching for a fun and engaging online show to produce. The comedy was inspired by Nicky’s own madcap apartment hunts in San Francisco and Boston. 


As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, West Africa, she adopted visual storytelling techniques to educate non-literate women about health and nutrition. As a professional writer with a master’s degree in health communication, she is constantly exploring new ways to engage with and inform readers. In recent years, Nicky gotten a kick out of combining acting and creative writing to write pieces that are rewarding for performers and entertaining for audience members.

Nicky was awarded the Playwright Excellence Award for full-length comedy writing for 

My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate from the Virtual Theater Lab. She is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America, New Play Exchange, and American Medical Writers Association.

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What Audiences are saying:

Thrilled to see one good thing come out of the pandemic! I can only imagine how much work went into this production.
So many colorful characters and scenes!

-Deb J., MA

 Well written and insightful.

 The very idea of turning the Zoom era into a theatre piece is original, good art. 

Better than watching the Bruins!

- Francois R., Canada

Fabulous play! Made me laugh, often.
Quite a cast of characters...very possible in this strange world we live in.
A fun time...Well done!

- Colleen L., MA

Past Productions

The play has its world premiere virtual production by ShirleyArts! in Shirley, MA in 2021.

The first live production was produced by Virtual Theater Lab in Phoenix, AZ in 2022.

A show that really allows character actors to shine!

Each character is wackier than the next, which makes it an absolute blast 

This show is SO much fun!

-Virtual Theater Lab, AZ

My (Virtually) Perfect Roommate was such a great success for us!
We were able to re-run the show 
and it
earned us our greatest ticket sales for the year!

-ShirleyArts!, MA

What Theaters are saying:

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